Soundwich is a privately owned company under the Dan T. Moore Company. Dan T. Moore is an entrepreneur who owns several successful companies:

Manufacturer of Automotive Thermal & Acoustic Solutions Manufacturer of Ceramic Military Armor Manufacturer of Ski Helmets and Military Helmet Inserts
Manufacturer of Tire Additives Large Marina located on the Cleveland Waterfront    

Dan T. Moore Company was founded in 1969, an R&D and acquisition entity and business incubator, starting a new business each year with internally generated technology.  Dan is also affiliated with several medium sized Tier I suppliers.

What do all Dan Moore companies have in common?
bullet Innovative material solutions for energy management.
bullet Dedicated investment in Cleveland Manufacturing.

Soundwich evolved from Moore Plastics in 1987, and has over three decades of experience serving the Automotive Industry with the following unique solutions:
bullet High Performance Single and Multi-Layer Heat Shields.
bullet Patch Constrained Layer Dampers (all Tiers).
bullet Underbody Heat Shields/Absorbers.
bullet Self Adhering Heat Shields.
bullet Automotive Acoustic Absorbers.
bullet Oil Pan Dampers.
bullet Soundwich is a full system integrator from development through manufacturing.


TS Cert ISO Cert ISO Cert

ISO 14001 Certified Wayside & St. Clair Plants

TS16949 Certified Wayside Plant

TS16949 Certified St. Clair Plant

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